The Pennsylvania Legacies podcast explores the challenges and opportunities of methane emission reduction in the Commonwealth.


Measuring Methane

Pennsylvania Legacies podcast 3.9.18


Nobody knows exactly how much methane is released each year by Pennsylvania's oil and gas industry. But a new Environmental Defense Fund analysis suggests actual emissions could be as high as five times the state's official estimate.


the war on waste



Pennsylvania veterans are joining the call for responsible controls on methane emissions in the natural gas industry.


The Cost of Doing Business

Pennsylvania Legacies Podcast 8.11.17

Curbing methane emissions from natural gas production isn't just about combating climate change. For many conservatives in Western states, it's just good business. We visit a Wyoming startup that's helping oil & gas companies save money and keep their workers safe by finding gas leaks.


The Colorado Way

Pennsylvania Legacies Podcast 6.23.17

In 2014, Colorado became the first state to regulate methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. As Pennsylvania takes similar steps, what can we learn from Colorado's experience convening diverse stakeholders to create effective and feasible rules?


everything you need to know about methane + climate in 15 minutes

Pennsylvania Legacies podcast 6.9.17

A crash course in the climate science, detection technology, and economics of methane emissions, featuring Carnegie Mellon University Professor Allen Robinson.


Less Waste, More Jobs: A "Win-Win" for PA

Pennsylvania Legacies podcast 4.14.17

More and more states are adopting measures to limit emissions of methane from the production and distribution of natural gas. Finding and fixing methane leaks is good for the environment, but it’s also good for business β€” like the 20+ companies that are now employing Pennsylvanians to help gas companies boost their own bottom lines by improving efficiency.


pennsylvania takes on methane

pennsylvania legacies podcast 1.13.17

PEC Legal & Government Affairs VP John Walliser looks at DEP's recently published permit for unconventional gas production.


google & edf team up to find methane leaks

pennsylvania legacies podcast 11.18.16

A research partnership between Google and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is using specially outfitted Google Street View cars to map methane leaks in underground pipelines. PEC's Josh Raulerson rides along.